This will be a “Virtual Coffee Break” for members to relax and chat and network.

Semimonthly, Fridays at 1:30 pm CEST (starting May 15, 2020)

No Venue
The meeting is simply virtual! By invitation only (mailing to all members will be duly sent before a meeting with a link to join)

All you need is a laptop/computer with a camera and ZOOM!

Since almost everyone we know within our network is working remotely during these times, ISLA decided to organize a recurring getting together to its members for the next weeks/months. This will be a “Virtual Coffee Break” to relax and chat and network.

ISLA thinks and hopes some of you might like to spend a few minutes of conversation to catch up, learn more about ISLA, its organizing team and other members and discuss opportunities and ideas while sipping a tea or coffee or anything else.

The Virtual Coffee Break shall be scheduled on a Friday (early afternoon) every two weeks. You will receive an invitation each time duly before a meeting with a link to join. In order to accept the invitation and to join the ISLA Virtual Coffee Break just simply reply to these messages and confirm your participation which is free of charge.

The first coffee break will be coming Friday (15th May) at 1:30 pm CEST.

If you are willing to participate but feel the time being uncomfortable for your time zone please let us know. We will then consider to find another time of the next ISLA Virtual Coffee Beak.

Hope to seeing you online!

Photo by Max Ducourneau on Unsplash