MARTENS Rechtsanwälte


Agensstraße 14, 80798 München
Languages:Arabic (basic knowledge), English, French (reading knowledge), German
Expertise:Anti-Doping, Antitrust Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, Gambling Law, Law of Association, Sponsorship


Dr Heiner Kahlert is a partner at Martens Rechtsanwälte and has been active in sports law since 2010.

Dr Kahlert advises and represents international and national sports federations, clubs and athletes. Furthermore, he specialises in arbitration proceedings in sports (before CAS and DIS-Sport) as well as dispute resolution bodies of sports federations. In particular, Dr Kahlert has vast expertise in dealing with financial disputes, anti-doping and disciplinary proceedings as well as issues concerning association law. As head of the case management team of the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT), Dr Kahlert has administrated hundreds of cases. He is also a lecturer in sports law at various universities in Germany and abroad.